Donkey Table

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Product: Donkey Table

Basic set of roll-top table that once you rounded round and round. It can easily assembled with Velcro and bolts. In cylindrical rounded you can compact storage. The connection unit and ensure the strength and rigidity by using a traditional half-lap grafting. The height of the basic set about the same height as the coffee table to be used in the house Approximately 42cm.

And sitting on low chairs we made thinking just the right height to relax leisurely. Space of feet is vacant Standups and refreshing.

Because it is made “‹”‹of wood is a natural material such as wood grain one by one different facial expressions.

  • Size : D58cm W78cm H assuming an easy-to-use size in about about 42cm 2~4 people
  • Stuffed : around about 46cm H79cm weighs about 4.6kg
  • Material: walnut
  • Load capacity: about 30kg
  • Natural oil finish

With the legs of options of different length as well as low dining table it can also be like a normal table. Because you are a natural wood as a raw material there may be some of the twist and warp a difference of size occur. In rare cases there may be a warp in the top plate.

Hand Made In Asahikawa Hokkaido Japan.