Dine Coatrack

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Product: Dine Coatrack
Designer: Nick Dine
Color: White

After studying sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design, and furniture at the Royal College of Art in London, Nick Dine became fascinated with how people interact with interior spaces. “I began building stores and residences for clients like Calypso, Starwood Hotels and Stussy,” he says. Those experiences led to designing other kinds of objects, like the Dine Coatrack (2011) he created for us. The first inspiration for this piece was the English “Hall Tree,” a 19th-century piece of furniture for storing coats, canes, umbrellas, boots and such. The second inspiration has having a family. “The need for this piece arose in my own life as we needed a place to embark and disembark from the first and last place in the house,” says Dine. Assembly and wall mounting required. Made in U.S.A.

  • Choose from two widths: 50″ or 72″.
  • This Coatrack is not freestanding; it needs to be bolted to the wall.