Dia de DUMBO Wallpaper

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Product: Dia de DUMBO Wallpaper
Designer: Dan Funderburgh
Retailer: Flavor Paper

When one of our favorite local restaurants decided to open a new Mexican joint called Gran Electrica they approached Jon about making a custom wallpaper to add some personality to the space. A Day of the Dead/Calaveras style toile reflecting the new hood was decided upon and images of iconic DUMBO neighborhood scenes and appropriate Posada type art were chosen for Dan Funderburgh to work into a pattern. The result is a humorous look at the hood through a skeletal Mexican viewpoint and includes Jane’s Carousel, the Watchtower, kids in strollers with Crocs, hipsters on single speeds and cell phone talking yoga mat toting moms. You can follow the lightning bolts to find the restaurant. Pure DUMBO. Kinda Posada. ¡Que bueno!

  • Screens : 1
  • Colors Achieved :  2
  • Match half :  (1/2) drop
  • Pattern Repeat :  24.94 inches

Go metric!
Flavor Paper comes untrimmed and unpasted. We print and package in triple rolls whenever possible [45’ x 27″] to minimize waste for installation. Our lead time normally runs 3-4 weeks from payment to printing. Please inquire about our current schedule status when you place your order.
All Flavor Paper is produced to order, so remember that you can customize your wallpaper colors without extra cost or lead time!

  • Roll (27″ í— 15′) : $150 ea.
  • Sheet (27″ í— 54″) : $50 ea.
  • Sample (8.5″ í— 11″)  : $2 ea.