Design House Family Chair 3 & 4

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Product: Design House Family Chair 3 & 4
Color: Black
Designer: Lina Nordqvist

Not every chair is created equal. Especially not Family Chairs by Lina Nordqvist, a foursome of traditional Swedish stickback chairs. Separately they present themselves as individuals, unique chairs aspiring to be something more than just pieces of furniture. Together they form a boisterous family, with each one displaying a distinctive character. Even the horizontal spindles between the chair legs play their part in the game. í’Ií•m fascinated by objects, and I like it when they have their own special individuality, something beyond mere technical function. Thatí•s why I decided on a graduation project at Beckmans College of Design in which I transformed something well-known and traditional into something unexpected.í“ Ití•s no surprise that Lina Nordqvistí•s Family Chairs seem to be made for the stage: she has already pursued a career as a professional set designer in the Swedish film industry for several years. Family Chairs will be available in natural wood and in a black-lacquered version.

  • Designed by Lina Nordqvist