Deco Breeze DBF0626 Retro Metal Fan

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Product: Deco Breeze DBF0626 Retro Metal Fan
Retailer: ATG Stores
brand: Deco Breeze

Deco Breeze DBF0626 9-in Retro Metal Fan – Copper

Talk about a COOL FAN! With a sleek round shape, sharp retro look and great colors to choose from, Deco Breeze retro fans re-define cool! Feature all steel construction with two speed motors and great portability!
This copper fan features a two-speed 25-watt whisper-quiet motor, so it won’t disturb your peace. Its shiny, clean design elevates it from being merely functional to beautifully decorative. Be ready to get blown away! You’ll come to rely on this fan to help make even the hottest summer days more tolerable. Who needs air conditioning?

  • Width: 10in
  • Height: 12.5in