Datid Obi M50 AN Built-in Oven

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Product: Datid Obi M50 AN Built-in Oven
Color: Black
Retailer: Ikea
brand: Ikea

Features :

  • Convection oven function that combines top and bottom heating with the fan for even heating; ideal for baking cookies, tarts and other pastry.
  • Thermal oven function with top and bottom heating elements (bake/roast); ideal for cooking dishes with a crispy finish and for slow cooking of casseroles.
  • Oven with catalytic enamel plates; makes cleaning easy, since splashes of fat landing on the hot catalytic enamel plates burn up.
  • Fan defrost; for fast and hygienic defrosting.
  • Can be installed in a 24″ wide AKURUM base or high cabinet; a highly featured oven ideal for small kitchen solutions.
  • Broil function for even grilling of vegetables and small pieces of meat.
  • Mechanical clock signals at the end of the set cooking time and automatically turns off the oven.
  • Convection oven; features functions that you can combine for different ways of cooking, from defrosting to a good baking result.
  • Convection broil; allows you to broil, brown and cook larger dishes and meat all the way through.