Danish Beer Foamer

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Product: Danish Beer Foamer
Retailer: TRNK

“A Danish-designed beer foamer, meant to create a smooth, frothy foam without the large air bubbles commonly produced when pouring.”

According to beer brewers and connoisseurs, a smooth, creamy head of foam guarantees a better drinking experience, releasing aromas as you drink. This beer foamer’s battery-powered whisk froths a foamy head in 20 seconds, allowing you to experience the same great beer foam from your local pub at home. The foamer was designed by Danish design studio, Norm Architects for Menu, and is easy to use. Simply pour ¼” – ½” of beer into the container. Gently pour the rest of the beer in your drinking glass. Put the top of the foamer in place and press the button. The foam will rise in the foamer’s glass beneath the copper top. Take the top off and gently pour the foam on top of your beer. Enjoy!