Custom Monogram Table Linens

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Product: Custom Monogram Table Linens
Retailer: EmersonMade
brand: EmersonMade

Custom Monogram Table Linens

Proper. This is how we like to set a table. You set a Proper Table and you take a seat and suddenly its a Special Occasion and it's really only Tuesday and it's just the familiar family mugs staring back at you, but Special Occasion it is! And let's face it: those are the special people, anyway. Your inner circle. In some cases, the only circle. That's right! Anyway, getting back to the point: you need some nice Linens to pluck off the plate, lay across your knees and punctuate the fact that this meal is starting and So Far, So Good!

Sold in sets of four. Hand-printed with your choice of one, two or three upper case letters in black print.