Cupboard BASIC

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Product: Cupboard BASIC


Simple and good. Kitchen furniture made “‹”‹of steel with white enamel. For admitting a sink. a hob. or simply for use with countertop. Optionally, without wood trim. The corpus is 50cm deep. The solid wood panel for storage or cooking spoil field is offered as standard with a depth of 65 cm.

By the overhang of the wooden panel is obtained between wall and cabinet behind the furniture enough space for any connectors. transverse pipes. etc. adjustable feet ensure firm footing.

The amount of the metal body is 87cm. Firm stand even on uneven ground by adjustable feet with screw – adjustable up to 92cm. The kitchen cupboard is 2 doors in width 100cm. and 3-door available in width 150cm.

High-quality enamel (powder coatin ) in satin pure white (RAL 9010). The lacquer upper surface is relatively insensitive and easy to clean.