Cubitec Shelving

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Product: Cubitec Shelving
Designer: Doron Lachisch
Color: Orange, White

Doron Lachisch’s Cubitec Shelving (2008) combines the exceptional strength and stability of injection-molded polypropylene with simple, modular design. With the new incarnation of Cubitec, we worked with Lachisch to create one system that can solve most storage dilemmas. Designed with a corrugated core, the shelving is superbly strong and lightweight, while optional Doors and Backs can transform the system into a concealed cabinet. Depending on your needs and the configurations of your space, Cubitec can be attached vertically or horizontally with enclosed hardware. One kit includes 12 panels to create up to four shelves and each shelf holds up to 55 pounds.

Please visit retailer’s site for pricing according to your design.