Cordito Leather Cord Carrier

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Product: Cordito Leather Cord Carrier
Retailer: Photojojo

Much like a tortilla encases the glorious people fuel in a burrito, Cordito is here to envelop the ingredients that give energy to your beloved mobile device.

This stylish cord carrier is handcrafted in LA, where the shining sun and salty air give its leather a supple glow. When unrolled, the case has three slots to tuck in your cables and headphones, plus a pocket for extras like phone lenses, USB drives or tiny snacks.

Once you’ve filled the Cordito with all of your accessories (and hopes and dreams), roll it up and secure it neatly closed with the adjustable leather straps.

  • A roll up case to keep your phone accessories with you
  • Keeps away the dreaded cable tangles and headphone knots
  • Three slots hold your charge cords and headphones
  • Fill the pocket with lenses and plugs or emergency confetti
  • Toss the Cordito in your bag take it with you when on the run
  • High Quality leather made by hand in LA
  • It’s cute and stylish (just like you!)

Tuck the Cordito in a variety of places like your camera bag, your desk drawer or strapped to your belt like a fannypack. Wherever you go, Cordito is happy to bring your power cords along and keep ’em tangle free.

Stuff it with your favorite photo accessories and you will always have the cords and cables you need to power up and photograph the heck outta your next adventure.

Just don’t eat it. It’s not a real burrito.