Corda Metis Rouge Apron

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Product: Corda Metis Rouge Apron

Basque Apron – Corda Metis Rouge

Renowned for their cuisine, the Basque hold the culinary arts in high esteem. What a more fitting tribute to your kitchen than the “Corda Metis” apron woven in traditional Basque twill with a ribbon collar and ties. Perfect for either a man or a woman, the apron includes a terry kitchen towel which snaps off for easy laundering and a useful pocket.

Made in the Basque region of France by Artiga, with nearly 100 years of weaving tradition, the loom has passed down through four generations. The corda metis fabric is a true descendant of the traditional Basque stripes which represent the seven central provinces of the region. Artiga captures the true colors and spirit of the “Pays Basque” with uncompromising craftsmanship.