Copper & Brass Handheld Lanterns

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Product: Copper & Brass Handheld Lanterns

Lantern in brass or copper for emergencies or adventure. Use on your next camping trip or in a power outage. Fits a tea light candle perfectly. Made in Wisconsin. Measures 4″ high and 1-5/8″ across at base.

Forged by the hands of a life-long muzzleloader parts maker, these lanterns are made from your choice of copper or brass to withstand the test of time. A tea light candle is nestled perfectly in the center, while a high back prevents the wind from getting to the flame. Fold-away handles provide easy handling as well as convenient storage.

When heavy kerosene lanterns or battery operated flashlights and headlamps fail backpackers and trekkers, these lanterns are a dependable option while out on the trail. They are small enough to fit in a backpack, but bright enough to light the way.

  • Dimensions : 4″ high and 1-5/8″ across at base.
  • Materials : Copper or Brass
  • Made in USA