Constructures – Large

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Product: Constructures – Large
Retailer: Brinca Dada
brand: Brinca Dada
Designer: Doug Rollins

Constructures are a thoroughly modern take on traditional building blocks. Pieces resemble windows in three different sizes and can be used to create massive but airy structures, allowing children to see into, around and through them at the same time. Constructures pieces come in three sizes which can be mixed and matched in different ratios, helping kids develop modular thinking skills.

  • Designed by Brinca Dada founder, Doug Rollins, Constructures make a handsome addition to any playroom or living room.
  • Constructures is the winner of Creative Child Magazine’s 2013 Preferred Choice Award.
  • Designer – Doug Rollins
  • Made of Hand-Finished Beech Hardwood
  • 51 Pieces
  • Winner – Creative Child Magazine’s 2013 Preferred Choice Award