Coffee.It Espresso Coffee Maker

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Product: Coffee.It Espresso Coffee Maker
brand: Alessi
Color: Silver
Designer: Wiel Arets
Retailer: Ylighting

Coffee.It Espresso Coffee Maker
The “” Espresso Coffee Maker expresses the characteristic design features of the atypical architect, designer Wiel Arets. Above all it expresses his skill in achieving a fine balance between the piece’s component parts (though without being minimalist in the detrimental sense) and the inclusion of a high level of intellectual complexity along with practicality and simplicity of forms.
Newly introduced in Spring 2008, this fresh design is minimal without being dull. Features a magnetic base for use with induction hot plates. Mirrored finish. Three and Six cups sizes offered.

Material: Stainless steel coffee maker. Rubber washer, brewing basket and microfilter, handle and lid in PPO, bottom in magnetic stainless steel for use on induction hot plates.