Cloth And Goods Table Runners

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Product: Cloth And Goods Table Runners
Retailer: Cloth And Goods

Using historical Japanese techniques that are entirely organic and sustainable, these runners of unspun bast fibers are dyed with indigo that have been grown, processed, and woven by a husband wife team in Rowland Rickttets studio. Patterns are created using a stenciled rice-paste resist (katazome).
The ends are hand-hemmed and the selvedges are raw.

Comes in three designs:

  • Hoshi, one of Rowland's original runner designs, captures the gathering/dispersing of dots on a ground that is gradated to emphasize their complimentary movement.
  • Sazanami features irregular lines on a gradated ground. One end is left un-patterned to show the simple elegance and depth of the range of blues.
  • Suzukaze has three repeated gradations of straight lines on an undyed ground. The “r” logo is dyed with black walnut and persimmon.