Cloth 6 of 7, Warp 1

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Product: Cloth 6 of 7, Warp 1
Designer: Sally Fox

The essential piece of cloth.

As Wrap, As Scarf, As Throw

This cotton is truly mystical. Sally Fox has spent the last 30 years evolving the color and fiber properties of this ancient plant. Her biodynamic approach to farming and empathetic approach to breeding have produced an exquisite and celebratory fiber. We are privileged to have spent time with the cotton in sally’s field as well as at the loom. All of the color comes directly from the plant.

  • elemental color block in agrarian twill, a pattern inspired by the geometry of crop rows
  • VOI signature stripe and hand twisted fringe
  • 100% organic, naturally colored cotton grown and spun in the U.S.
  • approximately 31″ x 90″, including fringe
  • hand woven in Oakland, CA