Clay Antler Mobile

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Product: Clay Antler Mobile
Retailer: ARTISANIE Europe

Clay Antler Mobile inspired by the Black Forest

Fairy tales and fables tell of the beauty found deep in the Black Forest. The creatures here in this German mountain range are hidden from the sunlight under the densely growing pine and fir trees, but one young deer has shed its antlers, brought to light in this sculptural mobile in pure white clay.

Four stark white sculptural antlers play with light and shadow as the light moves across them when they move through the air. This piece casts a beautiful shadow on the wall, and makes a statement of remarkable beauty in the open overhead space of a room. It complements masculine, fairy tale and contemporary, minimalist design styles elegantly and artfully.

This purchase includes The Black Forest Art Mobile. This piece is made from copper plated steel, coated copper wire, and pure white clay. It measures approximately 110 cm (3' 7″) in height from the hanging point to the tip of the bottom antler. The largest antler measures approximately 21 cm (8 inches) in length. The clay is pure and non-toxic. The strongly soldered copper-plated steel frame and rings move to encourage the mobile to flow and move freely in the air.

The original piece pictured here is one of a kind and ready to ship.