Classic Steel Tanker Desk

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Product: Classic Steel Tanker Desk
brand: Sonrisa

Classic steel tanker desk

Sonrisa’s classic double pedestal desks are refinished vintage ‘steel tanker desks’ – originally manufactured in the late 1940’s – 50’s. One of the largest producer of these desks was McDowell Craig (as pictured here). They normally come standard with one file drawer, 4 box drawers and a pencil drawer, but the configuration can vary. General Fireproofing, All Steel, Shaw Walker and Art Metal were a few of the other steel manufacturers in that time period. As opposed to wood furniture, the sturdy and practically indestructible steel desks were ideal for institutional purposes such as schools, military, police stations and offices of all kinds. Since the make & model of each desk varies, all desks are not alike. Details such as leg-style, drawer pulls and overall shape may be different from the desk pictured here. Before placing an order, call us for a picture of the actual desks we have available!

Standard size is 60w x 30d x 29h, but we may have other sizes available. Desks (and most of our vintage furniture) are normally refinished to reveal the ‘natural steel’, which is a clear protective coat. But when placing an order, the customer can also choose any of our standard colors at no additional cost.