Classic Square Bevel Entry Set

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Product: Classic Square Bevel Entry Set
Color: Black, Gold, Silver

Classic, Forged Brass Square Bevel Entry Set

A classic, early 20th century, square bevel knob and escutcheon entry set. Featuring solid, forged brass knobs and plates, the set is identical to the ones found on countless 1900-1940 homes. Regularly featured in films and television shows wanting a traditional look, and a staple in animated productions, the set is an American icon. We're proud to offer one of the finest versions on the market at an incredible price.

The escutcheon, unlike many wrought brass counterparts, is forged brass. This makes for an exceptionally high quality entry set that remains remarkably affordable. Simple and unadorned, the plain, forged brass knob matches perfectly with the simple, bevel edged escutcheon plate.

All sets include 2 door knobs, 1 thumb turn escutcheon plate, 1 key cylinder escutcheon plate, 1 steel swivel spindle, and 2 set screws with Allen key, and a set of solid brass wood screws.

These sets are designed to work with entry grade mortise locks like our 901M.