Classic Premium Sheepskin Rug

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Product: Classic Premium Sheepskin Rug

Only carefully selected premium sheep skins are used to make this large multiple. Six separate pelts are sewn to produce this large floor rug that can also be used as a bedspread/bed cover.

Established nearly 40 years ago, Classic Sheepskins have been perfecting their tanning technique to produce the most consistent premium quality sheepskin rugs available.

Due to the huge color range, we only keep the Ivory White rug in stock. As the dyed rugs are all made to order, we can't cancel an order if work has started on your rug and exchanges/refunds aren't possible (unless defective).

As the gentler sheepskin tanning used to produce these rugs doesn't have a strong bleaching action, the Ivory White color is generally closer to the natural color of sheep; it is normally a creamy white with some yellow to it.

Size: Large 6-pelt
Grade: Premium
Typical dimensions: 5ft. 11in. x 5ft. (180 x 154cm)
Average wool length: 2.5in. (64mm)