Classic Pipe Pendant w/Delicately Decorated Shade

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Product: Classic Pipe Pendant w/Delicately Decorated Shade
Retailer: Rejuvenation

Pendant fixtures with beautiful painted and decorated shades were a hot trend as bolder, stronger colors swept interiors during the late 1920s and into the 1930s. Often combining Classical Revival roots and detailing with Historic Revival romance and warmth, common schoolhouse-type glass shapes were enhanced with multi-tone treatments, pinstripes, rag textures, and elaborate floral or bird decorations that were applied with decals, stencils or by hand painting. These fixtures were often used in sunrooms, bedrooms, entries, stairwells, hallways or over breakfast tables. This example has a warm orange upper section over ivory-tinted glass, with a charming flower motif and fine floral band that repeats four times.

  • Notes: Pattern repeats three times.