Classic Cloth Limoges

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Product: Classic Cloth Limoges
Retailer: Dessin Fournir

Limoges #1115 Width: 52″

  • Repeat Horizontal: 3 1/2″
  • Repeat Vertical: 3 1/4″

Notes: Hand dyed, hand woven, hand embroidered; color, design and repeat can vary and is an inherent characteristic and part of the beauty of the fabric.

  • Side match may not be exact due to the nature of the fabric.
  • Cotton is a natural fiber and can vary in shade, CFA recommended.
  • Backing recommended for some applications.

Pile: Cotton: 100%

Total Composition:

  • Rayon Embroidery: 100%
  • Cotton: 76%
  • Rayon: 24%