Civetta Sconces

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Product: Civetta Sconces
Designer: Aldo Bernardi
Color: Silver

A classic range of wall sconces in brass with pleated shades. All sconces are compatible with L’Impianto, except for model 11.208.

11.208/.. Interior sconce with reinforced 8 mm arm and pleated shade. This particular model has a wall canopy that makes it incompatible with the surface mounted wiring system L’Impianto.
11.210/.. Interior sconce with 10 mm arm and pleated shade.
11.216/.. Interior sconce with 16 mm arm and pleated shade.
11.220/.. Interior sconce with 20 mm arm and pleated shade.

Components, materials, and finish:
Canopy, arm, lamp holder and PAR 20 cone are aged brass, the shade is aged pleated copper.

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