Christophe Pourny Color Reviver

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Product: Christophe Pourny Color Reviver

Christophe Pourny’s Color Reviver is a companion product to his Furniture Tonic however, it serves a different purpose.

The Color Reviver refreshes dark wood finishes and hides nicks and scratches with one application. It should not be used on light or medium color furniture as it may change the color of the wood.

The natural ingredients include organic and virgin oils sourced from North American seeds. Essential oils of lavender and rosemary bring the scent of Provence into your home and a natural drying agent derived from trees ensures a lasting finish.

The Color Reviver is made by hand in small batches in Brooklyn.

To make sure you are fully equipped when you begin to polish, I designed a large polishing cloth from 100% cotton flannel free of bleaches and dyes. The cloth is 14″ x 18″ and as soft as butter.

When you purchase the Color Reviver or Furniture Tonic each bottle comes with two of these beautiful polishing cloths.