Christmas Tree Stand

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Product: Christmas Tree Stand
Color: Silver

This is a new kind of product that represents a unique design in its appearance by means of expediency and massive technical device.
This is unique on the market. The burnished surface remains unharmed for decades and gives the Christmas Eve the light of brilliance. The stand keeps the Christmas tree safely up to the height of 3.5 metres. This is a folding stand: if it is folded it does not take up much room.

How to use:

Please mount the Christmas tree stand in horizontal position and stand it upright carefully.
Following this, you can set the right position easily with the help of the adjusting screws.
Attention: Please do not use any tools (e. g. pliers) to force the wing screws. If the screw is jammed in the internal thread please work loose the other screw on the opposite side. This is enough to tighten the screws manually.
Finally please pour one or two glass of water into the stand depending on the tree's diameter.