Chimney Humidifier

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Product: Chimney Humidifier
Color: Green

A humidifier has never been so stylish. Inspired by his own public art exhibit “Smoke Ring,” designer Takeshi Ishiguro’s Chimney Humidifier (2008) blends seamlessly into any room and delivers hydration that’s cool rather than hot. Using a silent, ultra-sonic system the Chimney emits a gentle mist, increasing the amount of water vapor in the room (crucial for dry winter months) and promoting relaxation. Ishiguro, a graduate of the Royal College of Art and former designer for award-winning global design firm IDEO, founded his own Tokyo-based studio Takeshi Ishiguro Creative Lab in 2002. The Chimney has an automatic low-water shut off and automatic tip-over shut off for safe use. It has an 18-hour, continuous run time on the low setting; after shut off occurs, the fan runs for approximately 2 minutes, releasing the remaining mist and helping to prevent mildew. For best results, use distilled water. Made in China.

  • The color of this Humidifier has a very faint bluish grey tint, and is not a pure white.
  • Materials : ABS plastic.