Chaise empilable 510 Originale

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Product: Chaise empilable 510 Originale
Designer: Gaston Cavaillon
Retailer: Made in Design

Chaise empilable 510 Originale / Assise bois – Réédition 1947 – Label Edition

Classic French design postwar, the famous chair ‘ Mullca 510’ ‘ has seen generations of schoolchildren ! Created in 1947 by Gaston Cavaillon , this chair has furnished all French schools for nearly a half century. Mullca manufactured by the company until 1996 , it is now reissued in its original version by the company Label Edition. Rooted in the collective memory, this vintage chair is really part of French heritage.

The 510 combines a tubular steel structure with seat and backrest molded plywood . This chair combines the advantages: stackable, lightweight, rugged and easy to maintain , the curvature of his feet prevents the file touching the walls.
Nothing has changed in the design of the chair 510 is still made in France according to the original model. The color range has been expanded and new models were added to the family ( a low chair and bar stool ).

  • Declination: Charcoal gray – Wenge
  • Material : painted steel – wenge veneer Plywood
  • Dimensions: W 47.3 cm x D 49 cm x H 81 cm – Seat: H 46.4 cm
  • Features: Reissue of the original model Mullca 1947 – Stackable – Made in France