Chablis Candelabra

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Product: Chablis Candelabra
Color: Black, Copper
Designer: Roderick Vos

Aluminum casted and coated Candelabra that fits every Burgundy wine bottle

The design of the Chablis candelabra is an ode to the sensually curved shape of Burgundy wine bottles in general and the internationally renowed Chablis wine close to Chí¢teau de la Resle in particular. Roderick Vos has created a series of candleholders that literally crown every Chablis bottle as they are designed to perfectly fit their curved neck. The contrast between the round shape of the actual parts that hold the candles and the ingenious structure of graphic lines create a dynamic balance.

Designer: Roderick Vos.

Prices range from €299.00 to €349.00