Chabatree Jargala Jars

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Product: Chabatree Jargala Jars
Designer: Chabatree
Color: Clear
Retailer: Merchant No. 4

Jargala jars are handmade, mouth blown glass with sustainable Teak wood lids that utilize a rubber ring to create an airtight seal.  The lids are left natural so that no chemical finishes are used during production.  Rub them with a food-safe oil (like olive oil) from time to time to moisturize the wood.  

  • Perfect for pasta!
  • Designer:Chabatree
  • Material:Wood/Glass
  • Small : 4″ diameter x 4.5″h 
  • Medium : 4″ diameter x 8″h 
  • Large : 4″ diameter x 11.5″h


Prices range from $20.00 to $29.00