Cappellini’s Gong Lux Round Table

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Product: Cappellini’s Gong Lux Round Table
Color: Blue, Red
brand: Cappellini
Retailer: Cappellini
  • 2014

New brass, copper and blue colors have been introduced for this famous round table made of laser cut sheet metal, with polished finished plating. It is a precious object and surprisingly modern despite the use of warm and classic colors.

Giulio Cappellini is a Milanese architect who has been working since 1979 with an energetic spirit and refreshing goals. Through the years his work transformed into that of a designer’s, offering a personal approach to contemporary design. He has successfully established both his brand and his name and has worked as the art director for other key design brands. His most important project, the “company”, transformed Cappellini into one of the biggest trend-setters worldwide.