Canoeing with Nessmuk

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Product: Canoeing with Nessmuk
Retailer: Guideboat Co.

Our guideboat hulls are exacting reproductions of our 1892 J H Rushton Guideboat. Rushton was also one of the greatest and most prolific canoe builders of the 19th and early 20th century and Nessmuk was one of his longest lived clients. Rushton built Nessmuk the first ultra lightweight canoe (under 10 lbs) which was employed for a zillion mile voyage. Famous for thousand mile long canoe trips Nessmuk first wrote in 1880 for Forest and Stream Magazine. For years thereafter George Washington Sears, writing under the name of Nessmuk, contributed a remarkably steady stream of delightful musings on canoeing, exploring rivers and streams, climbing peaks and chronicling his long and close relationship with our guideboat’s builder, J H Rushton.