Campfire by Klein Reid

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Product: Campfire by Klein Reid
brand: Klein Reid
Designer: Klein Reid
Retailer: Unica Home
Color: White

Summer’s around the corner (or at least it was when we wrote this). It brings to mind thoughts of balmy nights, camping in the woods and sleeping outdoors, which begs the questions – what would camping be without a campfire? Granted, not everyone’s the rugged outdoorsy type and we’re pretty sure most people prefer a mattress to the cold hard ground. For such people as this klein reid offers the ‘campfire’ collection, the latest in their still life series.
Campfire includes your choice of wood sets and rock sets (we liked the look of both together as shown in the first image). Each piece is created in raw matte porcelain. As with everything from klein reid, detail is the real strength. It’s also a bit of a departure for klein reid. Almost everything else they make is unusual, either in subject or composition. This is really the first completely “natural” piece that we’ve carried from klein reid.