Camel Colored Potholder

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Product: Camel Colored Potholder

Table 2 tone, the back was sewn a piece of leather, potholder, is a pot holder.

It does not have to be seen, but in between the front and back of the leather, we are across the wool tweed.

Moderate hardness and elasticity, heat insulation, flame retardance, grip, I made Given the likely size of grasp.

Such as Dutch oven that was heated to Kin Kin in the open fire, I do not grasp is hot,

Pot and lid, which was heated in a fire or stove a little gas, such as the frying pan of the handle.

Directly put on the table, it is to put things like hesitate a little, it may be used as a coaster.

I will always dirty with soot and oil. Dirt much a little without having to worry about is, I want you to use Gashigashi, It is such a product.

Completely and is not insulated. Please use on enough attention to, such as burns.

It should be construed as hard to burn, but it is burning things. Please do not use, such as touching the fire directly.

Use in only child, please refrain because it is dangerous.

Dirt when the anxious, gently hand wash with mild detergent, and wipe off the moisture with a towel after rinse well.

And from the shade in good shade of wind street, please elaborate paint thinner colorless oil for leather shoes and leather goods.

Please note that some of the original shape.

Scratches and oil dirt, soot stains, does not fall completely. It is also for those who seem the taste.

Lineal 15.5cm thickness of about 3mm

Hand Made in Saitama JAPAN