Caladium Carolyn Wharton

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Product: Caladium Carolyn Wharton

A neat green rim outlines large sugar pink leaves with fine, deep red veins creating a spectacular and easy foliage plant in a color only a Caladium can provide. Sun tolerant but enjoying shade, the colors make a fine contrast to the foliage of Cordyline or Phormiums.

Caladium, a small tropical American genus, has given rise to numerous hybrids that are prized for their foliage and preference for shade. The leaves blend deep greens, intense reds, pinks, and white in patterns that range from elegant to energizing. To perform well, they need heat, ample moisture, and regular feeding. Perennial in Zone 10.

  • Common Name: Angel Wings
  • Hardiness Zone: 1-11 S / 1-11 W
  • Height: 12″+
  • Exposure: Full or Part Shade
  • Spacing: 12″
  • Ships as: One Quart Pot