Brookfield Utility Container

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Product: Brookfield Utility Container
Retailer: Simon Pearce

Brookfield Utility Container

Our Brookfield pieces are inspired by early American stoneware forms, a fact evidenced by the durable usability of the entire collection. The Brookfield Utility is thickly cast, a simply designed work of practical usefulness, which is nonetheless attentively handcrafted by highly-skilled potters in the Simon Pearce tradition. It is gently tapered with a slightly wider mouth than body to accommodate a variety of common kitchen items.

This piece is a can’t-do-without workhorse in any functioning kitchen; the perfect receptacle for all your oft-used cooking utensils.

  • Handmade by master Vermont potters
  • Each piece created with only the finest materials
  • Unobtrusive shape, designed for working kitchens
  • Pair with our other Brookfield pieces for a professional cooking collection

The Brookfield Utility will dutifully stand the test of time, attractively containing the tools of the trade for the cook in your family.

The Brookfield Utility is available in our classic glacier glaze finish.

The Earth, Ocean, and Valley glazes have been retired. For a limited time, enjoy a special savings on these select glazes. Items glazed in the Glacier glaze are not included in this offer.