Brio Labyrinth Game

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Product: Brio Labyrinth Game
brand: Brio

Labyrinth Game by Brio

This game is a classic, made by Brio in beech wood. All you do is guide a metal ball (2 included) around the board with the side knobs avoiding all the obstacles and holes. Sounds dead easy doesn’t it – WRONG – this game will fry your brain!

The closer you get to the middle the more points you score, easier said than done as the holes and obstacles are almost impossible to avoid.

The highest score is 60, play against a friend it is great fun its also mind numbingly frustrating, the first to get to 10 will probably be the winner! The game is perfect for improving motor skills, concentration, patience and dexterity. I guess practice will probably make perfect as the saying goes, it depends on how long the patience and concentration hold out. This game is addictive, go on give it a go but shut the cat out as it might get injured.

Brand: Brio, Age Group: 3+