Bread Bag by Stelton

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Product: Bread Bag by Stelton
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, White
Retailer: Emmo Home
Designer: Klaus Rath

The Stelton bread bag is elegant for storage and for serving. The bag can be closed with magnets and folded down – and in this way functions as both a closed breadbin and as an open breadbasket.
The bread bag, which is a necessity in the modern household, consists of 100% cotton inlaid with felt and is machine washable.
Bread bag. 100% cotton, approved for food.
Colour: Khaki, Sapphire Blue, Dark Brown, Champagne, Maasai Red, Maasai Blue, Maasai Aubergine, Pistachio, Black/Black, Black/Sand, Sand/White.