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Product: Bottles
Color: Black, Gray, White
Designer: Shelley Martin
Retailer: VitrifiedStudio

bottles with thick cork stopper lids made in various sizes as listed below. great for spices, use as vases, kitchen bulk food organizers, bathroom, office or hobby supply containers. corks are all natural have imperfections. unglazed exposed clay on the exterior, and gloss glaze on the inside and upper half of exterior. glazed from the base to rim on the exterior when white porcelain is selected for the colorway.

approximate sizes:

small : 3″ height x 2.5″ diameter = $30
small tall : 4″ height x 2.5″ diameter = $35
medium :4″ height x 3.5″ diameter = $40
medium tall :5″ height x 3.5″ diameter = $50
large : 6″ height x 4.5″ diameter = $70
large tall :7″ height x 4.5″ diameter = $80

available in black:black, black:white, sand:grey, and white:white colorways