Botot Toothpaste

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Product: Botot Toothpaste
Retailer: The Motley

Considered “the world’s first toothpaste,” it was invented in 1755 for King Louis XV of France. Natural cleansing ingredients warm the mouth and taste like Big Red gum.

Why It's Different:
No synthetic ingredients or colors. Gillyflower, ginger and cinnamon freshen breath and promote circulation in the gums.

Ingredients : Calcium carbonate, Sorbitol (derived from berries), Silica (horsetail plant), Laurel alcohol, Mineral sodium sulfate, Cellulose gum (from cell walls and structural components of plants), Sodium Mcthylparaben (safe preservative; effective against water- borne bacteria), Anti-bacterial warming anise and ginger (brings extra blood to the gum line and adds a fresh delightful flavor).