Botanical Illustration Posters

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Product: Botanical Illustration Posters
Retailer: Emerald Honeybee

Botanical Illustration Posters

Museum quality reproduction by Emerald Honeybee. Emerald Honeybee offers only the BEST in quality. Our Posters are printed by a Professional Graphics Company using a MIMAKI Eco-Solvent Printer and archival inks. (Which means your poster is UV protected and will not fade over time). Paper used is a heavy weight, satin finish photo paper. Source of the image is the Book: AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE SEXUAL SYSTEM OF LINNAEUS, Vol I. Written and Illustrated by JOHN MILLER, a German painter and engraver, 1779. Carl Linnaeus considered Miller's illustrations to be “more beautiful and more accurate than any that had been seen since the world began” (Blunt 1950, 150). This image features flower and seed parts of Fig. Native to Southern Europe and Asia.

  • Manufactured by: Emerald Honeybee
  • High definition printing quality is 1080 dpi on heavy photo paper with a satin finish
  • Posters are by a professional printing company using archival inks
  • Botanical Study that is a beautiful work of art
  • 1779-1789 Illustrations by John Miller, respected painter and engraver
  • Poster Print measured in approximate inches

Prices range from $2.00 to $14.00