Bosch 500 DLX Series Dishwasher

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Product: Bosch 500 DLX Series Dishwasher
brand: Bosch

Bosch 500 Series SHX65T55UC

Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 15-Place Settings, 5 Wash Cycles, 5 Options, 3rd Rack, Sanitize Option, Delay Start, Standard Racks and 44 dBA.

3rd Rack

  • Unique V-Shaped design helps to separate silverware, making it easier to clean, while providing extra room for large, odd-shaped cutlery and small dishes.


  • Sometimes your dishwasher will be so quiet, you won’t know it’s on. That’s why there’s InfoLight, a small red light projected onto the floor to indicate that your dishwasher is still in one of it’s cycles.


  • Bosch is the only U.S manufacturer to offer a high-tech leak-protection system in their dishwashers. AquaStop is a precisely engineered tub and sensor system that detects leaks in the solid molded base of the dishwasher.

Sanitize Option

  • By operating at a higher temperature, the sanitize option meets National Sanitation Foundation standards of cleanliness, eliminating 99.9% if bacteria, and enhances your drying results as well.

Half Load

  • Use this option when washing small, lightly soiled loads that fill half or less of the dishwasher’s capacity. The program uses sensor decisions to dramatically reduce energy and water consumption.

Self-Latching Door

  • Keep the door at the position you want it when you open your Ascenta dishwasher or load your dishes. The self-latching door holds at any position, and if your door is open at less then 20 degrees, the door will automatically close and latch shut.