Bonito Flakes

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Product: Bonito Flakes
Retailer: Tux & Tabby
brand: Tux & Tabby
  • Delicious and healthy fish treat that cats love.
  • Bonito Flakes are paper thin fish treats for cats with an intense flavour loved by felines.
  • To create our delicious Bonito Flakes, Bonito fish is filleted, steamed, air-dried, aged and then shaved into delicate and paper thin flakes that cats simply adore.
  • Known for its trademark ‘umami’ flavour, Bonito is popular in both Japanese and feline cuisine.
  • High in protein and low in calories with minimal fat content, Bonito is the premium must-have treat for even the pickiest cat.
  • Hand selected for quality, each foil-lined pouch is resealable for maximum freshness.
  • Dimensions: each pouch is 11cm x 18.5cm and contains approximately 7 grams of premium Bonito Flakes.