Bollard Oil Lamp

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Product: Bollard Oil Lamp

This range was inspired by the characteristic shape of harbour bollards. A bollard is a post made of stone, steel or wood, positioned along the quayside at the harbour. It is used for holding fast ships’ moorings and marks the transition from land to water. The bollard’s cylindrical design, wide at the top and bottom and with a slim midriff and soft curves, appeals to the hands and the eyes. The slim midriff makes the Bollard products fit snugly into the hand, while their simplicity is a joy to behold. Bollard is a range of beautiful products for table laying, storage and lighting. This beautiful Oil Lamp can create a cosy, maritime atmosphere outdoors and indoors. The lamp casts a pleasant light because the chimney is embossed with the grooved Fresnel pattern that effectively intensifies and spreads the light.