Bogler Bottle

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Product: Bogler Bottle
Retailer: Manufactum
Designer: Theodor Bogler
Color: White

Available as Oil or Vinegar.

Theodor Bogler’s China Food Containers. Theodor Bogler (1897-1968) was a potter by profession. During the Bauhaus movement he, in company with several others who came more from the artisan tradition, took up a middle position between the two Bauhaus camps, the functional and the artistic avant-garde. This can be seen in his designs for kitchen implements and furniture that he made in Weimar for the famous “Am Horn” house, a show-case for the work of all the designers associated with the Weimar Bauhaus College at that time. The geometric elements of his china pots and jars – cone, ball, cylinder and so on – were based on the mechanics of the potter’s wheel, but were formalised sufficiently to make serial production of the containers possible.