Boardwalk KFT3040765 Kraft Paper

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Product: Boardwalk KFT3040765 Kraft Paper
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Boardwalk
Color: Brown

Boardwalk KFT3040765 Kraft Paper, 30″ x 765ft, Brown

The word kraft means strong in German. Kraft papers are strong, economical, durable papers intended for packaging, wrapping, dunnage and shipping. Kraft paper may be bleached or unbleached and is run in a variety of basis weights depending upon the application it is made for. The unbleached paper is a rich brown color sometimes referred to as natural kraft. This color is a byproduct of the chemical process (sulfate) that helps give kraft paper its strength. For white kraft, mills employ a bleaching process that removes the color from the fibers. This extra step increases the cost of bleached kraft paper, which is why it sells at a premium to natural. Kraft papers are USDA/FDA approved for use in food industries. Measures 765′ length by 30″ width.

  • Includes one roll.
  • Tear-resistant.
  • Perfect for a variety of applications: food wraps, table coverings, arts and crafts, etc.
  • 25 x 9 x 36 inches ; 26.1 pounds