BM 281 Microwave Oven

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Product: BM 281 Microwave Oven
brand: Gaggenau
Color: Silver

Gaggenau’s BM 281-710 Fusion Oven combines convection’s even heat distribution with its cutting-edge Innowave technology—real microwave settings with variable energy outputs, to save energy and penetrate food to its core. Food will never be cooked on the outside while still frozen within.
Utilizing the many benefits of convection cooking’s even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity, the BM 281-710 Fusion Oven is ideal for the preparation of juicy meats, flaky crusts and more flavorful vegetables. Convection cooking places control at users’ fingertips, ensuring that food is cooked more evenly and with more satisfying results.

2.1 cu. ft. Built-in Microwave Oven with 1200 Cooking Watts, Innowave Technology, 10 Power Levels, 18 Sensor Cooking Programs, Digital Function Display and Touch Control Panel: Stainless Steel

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