Blick Gallery Bamboo Frames

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Product: Blick Gallery Bamboo Frames

Blick Gallery Bamboo Frames

These are ready-made frames made in an earth-friendly way! Constructed of bamboo, a self-renewing resource, and finished with a biodegradable resin that contains no oils or solvents, these frames are as durable and versatile as they are beautiful.

Two back grooves allow shallow framing of photographs as well as deeper framing of 7/8″ canvases. Canvases that are 1-3/8″ deep will extend flush with the back of the frame. Swing braces and backing board ensure stability.

These frames ship with an acrylic face as acrylic is lighter than glass and is less likely to shatter in transit.

Color Matching — We do our best to match the color of frames, both on our website photography and in our catalogs, but differences in technology may affect the appearance of the photo on your screen. You are entitled to return, for refund or credit, any frame that does not meet your expectations. Remember that the frame size is the size of the artwork a frame is designed to hold, not the exterior dimensions.

Prices range from $9.90 to $76.99.