Bethlehem Lighting Miniature 50-Light Set

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Product: Bethlehem Lighting Miniature 50-Light Set
Retailer: Amazon

GKI Bethlehem Lighting 50 Clear Mini Christmas Light Set with White Wire and External Lamp Lock is perfect for a holiday decorating, but the white wire also makes them perfect for weddings, special events and home decor.

This set of 50 traditional incandescent lights have a white wire that helps them blend in against lighter backgrounds inside or outside your home

This 50 light set of incandescent clear mini lights is part of the GKI Bethlehem Lighting Christmas lighting collection

This classic lights have all the modern features such as lamp lock that help them last longer and be enjoyed for many years to come and makes them perfect patio lights or Christmas lights.

This set of 50 clear miniature lights with white wire will brighten your home or outdoor patio and the white wire helps them blend into your holiday d├ęcor.