Berti Kitchen Knives

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Product: Berti Kitchen Knives

Insieme, in Italian “together”, is Berti’s exclusive combination of a kitchen knife and its own magnetized wooden block: choose the knives that suit your cooking style, put them together on your countertop and you’ll have your stylish, customized knife block. Isn’t it clever?

Most of Berti’s kitchen knives collections come with their own Insieme. Here we feature the 2012 line, the latest addition to Berti’s prestigious cutlery, created to offer the essential, versatile cutting tools for your home cooking needs.

Why are Berti’s handmade knives so special?

  • Stamped blade made of high carbon stainless steel
  • Full tang, blade edge sharpened by hand
  • Cornotech handle 
  • Full size & blade size next to product picture below  
  • Dishwasher safe – hand wash recommended
  • If not in stock, delivery will be in 4/6 weeks from the order

Prices range from $265.00 to $315.00